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Meet Candi

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My holistic journey began when I refused to believe my only treatment options were prescription medications and noninvasive treatments. I researched holistic methods, which included yoga, sound healing and Reiki then began to treat my aliment.  I knew the combination of holistic therapies were working - I was feeling better.  To the amazement of my own doctors after using a combination of these therapies, my health significantly improved.  My doctors were astonished with my progress, so much so I was told to continue with my holistic therapy. 


While searching for my path to health, I found benefits with yoga, sound healing and Reiki and a PASSION to share these benefits with others searching for their path to health.


I am certified in yoga, sound healing and Kundalini Reiki.  I have been a holistic healer for 10 years.  I find joy in watching my clients grow and heal.


I opened Blu Luna C Yoga & Sound Studio in Belle Plaine in October 2021.

I look forward to journeying with you on your path to healing. 

In good health.

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